You have tons of ideas and knowledge in your head. They come from different books, lectures, articles, videos, podcasts, websites, and conversations.

You write them down. You try to organize them. You're waiting for that moment when you can use them to help you make better decisions, do better works, generate better inspirations, and live a better life.

However, after putting files under folders, sub-pages under pages, notes under notebooks, what you’ve created is not your second brain but a giant hierarchy hamburger. You no longer remember where you store that idea. The links you created does not hold any context.

Project Meta is built for you, who aim to think deeper. It allows you and your team to connect and reuse ideas and knowledge you've written down a long time ago and apply them to your day-to-day life. Effortlessly.

Join the waitlist if you’re looking for:

  • A unified tool for problem solving, creative work, and knowledge generation.

  • Playful + Minimalistic + Drag & Drop Interface.

  • Visualize all the connections and preserve all the contexts.

  • Lightning-fast Searching Speed.

  • Powerful Knowledge Management Philosophy (Zettelkasten Method).

  • Inline tags + Bi-directional links with types.

  • Reuse any part of your notes.

  • Use a new note to comment on existing notes.


And more to come in 2021:

Graph View, Online Collaboration, Backup All Cards, Publish Your Blog, Space Card, PDF Card, Handwriting, ...

Stay Tuned!